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05 octobre 2007
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First of all, cheer for this proof of originality! Your name's group does not start with "The", it is so rare nowadays for an English rock'n'roll group...Do You know where this fashion comes from?

Maybe it comes from the english band "the the".
Seriously though, we don't know where it comes from. We only knew that we wanted to avoid it.

Does the name "twisted charm" have a history?

Yes. It suits mine and my brother's personalities.
We can have split personalities, especially when alcohol fuelled. I am a fan of stevenson's dr.jekyll and mr.hyde which was a catalyst for our band name aswell. Plus i love opposing words with antithetical meaning, hence, why we called our band "twisted charm" and our album "real fictional".

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In your songs, you say that we are anaesthetized by TV, that we are alone, all similar, that we are boring in an asepticized world...
You are large optimists, aren't you ? Do you really believe it ? Or is it irony ?

I am a very optimistic person. This is why i find it necessary to observe the negative sides of human nature and lack of individuality.
Television enhances monotony. It makes people feel they are part of society when in actual fact it is drawing them away from it by diluting social interaction.

Points of hope in this crude world ?

Art, individuality, creativity, knowledge, food, wine and women.

Twisted charm band, for credits see on I criticize your album. I think that all the songs are very good for the radio, easily recognizable thanks to background notes often repeated, which identify the pieces. By the way, listening to the whole album in one time is rather difficult, precisely because of these given notes which give the impression (and it is only an impression) that the songs are quite the same. You see what I mean?

On first listen it may appear so. The album has a very distinct and bold sound. On repeated listens, though, each song develops an identity of its own.

My colleague has listened to your album, he found that "strange" and made him think about the "Bérurier Noir", an 80's group rather underground and cult.
Do you know about them ? (make you an idea). I didn't know about them and it's true that by listening to, we can notice these similarities of sound and history of the group.

No i had not heard of them. Your link is not working either ("it seems to work again"). But i just found some other videos on youtube. I found them interesting but i couldn't see any similarities with us. They seem more hardcore-punk and less melodic.

Do you listen to French music ?

Yes We are big fans of Lucrate Milk, Justice, Stereolab, les Rita Mitsouko and now Berurier Noir.

Will you play in France ?

We have five dates with les Rita Mitsouko :
grenoble mc2 9/11/07
genoble mc2 10/11/07
paris olympia 13/11/07
toulouse le phare 4/12/07
bordeaux la medoquine 5/12/07
......come down and have a drink and a dance with us!

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Freezeec's question

What are you listening to by the moment ?

The Good the Bad and the Queen-" "
Blonde Redhead-23
Brian Eno-Another Green World

Can you advice about artists ?

Form a band for nothing more than a passion for music. never compromise your sound. enjoy yourself.

3 of your favorite songs ?

Stranglers : don't bring harry [watch the video]
Sonic Youth : schizophrenia [watch live]
Bob Dylan : ballad of a thin man [watch live]

3 cult movies ?

Godard: vivre sa vie
Bergman: seventh seal
Teshigahara: woman in the dunes

Do you have any other passion ?

I love writing and the cinema.
Dominic loves photography.
John loves driving family estate cars.
Luke loves money and moaning.